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Travel Destinations

Uganda is an inland country of eastern Africa whose varied territory includes the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori mountains and the immense Lake Victoria. Its rich wildlife includes chimpanzees and rare birds. The remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a popular refuge for gorillas, while the Murchison Falls National Park in the north west is known for its 43m waterfalls and local fauna, which includes hippos.

Ukraine is a vast Eastern European country known for its Orthodox churches, the Black Sea coast and wooded mountains. In the capital Kiev stands the golden dome of the Saint Sophia Cathedral, with mosaics and frescoes from the 11th century. The monastic complex of Pečers’ka Lavra overlooks the Dnieper River, a destination for Christian pilgrimages where Scythian funerary vestiges and catacombs containing the mummies of Orthodox monks are preserved.

Uruguay is a country in South America famous for its green hinterland and the coast full of beaches. The capital, Montevideo, develops around Plaza Independencia, where a Spanish citadel once stood. From the square you reach the Ciudad Vieja (the old town), with Art Deco buildings, colonial residences and the Mercado del Puerto, an ancient market near the port with many grilled meat kiosks. La Rambla, on the other hand, is a promenade along the seafront that runs alongside fish markets, piers and parks.

Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia, a former Soviet republic. It is known for mosques, mausoleums and places linked to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route that connected China to the Mediterranean Sea. Samarkand, the most important city along the Via, hosts an important example of Islamic architecture: the Registan, a square bordered by three religious schools decorated with rich mosaics and dating back to the XV-XVII centuries.

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